Fields of application for pressure sensors 1 – vented gauge pressure sensors vs. absolute pressure sensors

The user is often faced with the question: What kind of pressure sensor should I use – a relative/gauge or an absolute pressure sensor? From food processing to petrochemical plants, to plastic injection moulding and many other industrial applications, pressure measurement is needed for the control of processes and machinery. In this series of articles … Read more

Mechanical pressure switches: What principle do they work on?

Mechanical pressure switches in compact design ensure safe pressure monitoring in, for example, pumps, compressors and mobile working machines. Whatever the application, they function relative to the principle of the preloaded spring, with a diaphragm or perhaps a piston because the measuring element.Mechanical pressure switches including the PSM01 (see illustration) are constructed relative to the … Read more

What is an electronic pressure switch?

As soon as a preset pressure is reached, an electronic pressure switch opens or closes a corresponding switch contact. There are various designs of electronic pressure switches which are used in a multitude of industrial and technical processes. Particularly in machine building, electronic pressure switches are frequently used. The advantages of the electronic version of … Read more