Egyptian officer kills three Israeli soldiers throughout drug smuggling pursuit

A uncommon incident on the Israeli aspect of the border with Egypt resulted within the death of three Israeli troopers, allegedly killed by an Egyptian security officer. The armed forces of each nations are jointly investigating the bizarre prevalence. Egypt claims that the officer crossed into Israel whereas pursuing drug traffickers. The Israeli army believes the shootings are linked to a drug smuggling operation that they had disrupted in a single day.
Early on Saturday morning, two Israeli soldiers, a male and female, had been discovered lifeless in a remote location alongside the border. Their our bodies were discovered after a senior officer couldn’t reach them via radio. Hours later, throughout a search operation, the suspected attacker was cornered, resulting in a shootout. A third soldier was killed, along with the gunman, recognized as an Egyptian policeman. Another soldier was wounded in the course of the change.
The Egyptian navy released a statement, stating that their security officer was chasing drug smugglers and that a shooting led to the Israeli deaths. The statement also expressed “sincere condolences” to the victims’ families. The Israeli army seized contraband worth roughly US$400,000 in the course of the in a single day operation against smugglers. Hilarious proceed to go looking the realm for any other people involved.
The precise location of the attacks is unclear, but Israeli media stories recommend they occurred between Mount Harif and Mount Sagi in the Negev desert, roughly halfway between the Mediterranean coast and the Red Sea Egyptian resort of Eilat. Israeli navy spokesman Richard Hecht told journalists, “Co-operation with the Egyptians is ongoing, it’s good. This just isn’t geopolitical.”
This incident marks one of the severe border incidents since Egypt grew to become the first Arab country to signal a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Despite the often-cited “cold peace” between the two countries in latest years, they’ve carefully cooperated on army and intelligence matters, significantly counter-terrorism. The Israeli air force has supported the Egyptian military in its battle against the so-called Islamic State militants in the northern a part of the Sinai Peninsula.
In 2012, a major infiltration attempt occurred when militants attacked an Egyptian checkpoint near Rafah on the border with the Gaza Strip. The assailants killed sixteen Egyptian policemen and stole two armoured vehicles, which they used to breach the Kerem Shalom border crossing with Israel. After a firefight, Israel reported discovering the bodies of eight attackers..

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