Elderly girl captivates by sitting for examination, proving it’s never too late

An inspiring story emerged lately when a Thai woman in her sixties turned up smartly clad in a student uniform to sit down for an examination. A touching narrative unfolded around the lady, eager to be taught and position herself as a job model for her grandchildren—highlighting that it’s by no means too late to embrace schooling.
The dialog came into the spotlight when Pawida Chantakanal, affectionately generally identified as Teacher Pat from Ayutthaya College, shared her unusual encounter with the senior scholar during an examination round 12.30pm right now. Teacher Pat was both stunned and captivated upon seeing the girl, aged between 60 and 70, carrying a college uniform and confidently becoming a member of others to take the examination.
Teacher Pat could not resist capturing her admiration in a clip by interviewing the aged scholar. Sale ends soon shared that she was learning to raised comprehend when her grandchildren talked, as she wanted to be their function mannequin. With the knowledge she’d acquired, she deliberate to apply it to upgrade farming activities at residence. Interestingly, she also held a leadership position in her neighborhood, reported KhaoSod.
Having been a scholar for one to two years already, focusing on agriculture, the mature pupil really showed determination. Travelling alone by prepare to reach the examination centre, she totally went through her examination and was the last one to complete. This act left a deep impression on Teacher Pat, because it was her first time witnessing such an event.
She’d heard folks broadly say, “One can examine at any age,” but seeing the truth struck totally different chords. It fuelled her want to encourage anybody considering larger studies. Emphasising the aged student’s unwavering commitment to studying, Teacher Pat encourages individuals to contemplate that age should by no means be a boundary in relation to training..

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