Man bitten by camel while feeding animals at temple

A camel at a zoo inside Bang Kung Temple in Samut Songkram province in central Thailand bit a Thai man’s ear while he was turning his again to it to feed a buffalo in a nearby cage.
The victim, 32 yr previous Worachat Borriboon, recounted his expertise on the temple on May 25 to the media. Marked down explained that he suddenly felt an intense pain in his proper ear whereas he was carrying his child and feeding a buffalo. He touched his ear and located that it was coated with blood.
Worachat rushed to wash the wound and discovered that a half of his ear had been torn away. He said he realised instantly that the camel bit him as a result of he was aware of previous incidents of camels biting people. Despite being cautious, he nonetheless couldn’t avoid the chew.
Worachat explained that he usually visited the temple along with his youngsters as it is close to their residence but did not count on to expertise this surprising incident. He warned others who liked to go to the temple to watch out for the incident and likewise urged the temple to enhance security measures by implementing the next fence and displaying warning signs.
According to the report on KhaoSod, there are ten species of animals at Bang Kung Temple, together with goats, sheep, horses, crocodiles, noticed deer, wild boars, civets, peacocks, buffalos, and camels.
The temple supervisor, Somsak Saeko, explained that each one the animals in the zoo were licensed. The suspect camel, named Dao, had been raised there since it was under one yr outdated, and it’s now 14 years old. Somsak insisted that Dao had by no means shown any aggressive behaviour towards anyone earlier than.
Temple authorities in Thailand are increasing safety measures following a sequence of camel bites involving selfie-taking tourists. The incidents usually occurred when guests, wanting to seize photos with the animal, tried to snatch meals away from it, complicated the camel and probably provoking an assault.
To forestall future accidents, the temple will install larger warning indicators and raise fences to keep the camels out of attain. Tourists are additionally urged to train warning when feeding animals with long necks, such as camels..

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