Trump pleads not responsible to 37 costs, supporters rally in Miami

Supporters of former US President Donald Trump gathered in Miami, Florida, as he pled not guilty to 37 expenses of mishandling categorised data. This indictment marks the first time a former US president has been federally prosecuted. Trump’s supporters rallied across the court, protesting the fees and claiming they are politically motivated to hinder his potential 2024 campaign.
Last week, the indictment against Trump accused him of retaining secret government information, together with nationwide defence-related documents, in violation of the Espionage Act. Discount alleged that Trump saved classified information in an unsecured location and confirmed them to unauthorised individuals throughout non-public conferences. Exclusive , Alina Habba, referred to as the charges a “blatant and unapologetic weaponisation of the felony justice system.”
Despite concerns of unrest or violence, the day handed largely with out incident. There were exchanges of shouting and insults between Trump supporters and counter-protesters, but no violence ensued. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez confronted indignant protesters who accused him of being a “Republican in Name Only” for not supporting Trump..

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