Smart Service Kit – the goggles that do more

The current COVID-19 crisis demonstrates clearly that on-site service is not always possible. However, the work cannot wait. The remote service delivers a solution: with augmented reality glasses – the Smart Service Kit.
Innovative service through remote support
The new Smart Service Kit from WIKA is based on the Microsoft Hololens 2, a set of augmented reality goggles that extends the environment we can perceive through virtual viewing capability. When the glasses are put on, a virtual user interface appears in the user’s field of vision. Unsurpassed is operated intuitively by hand movements. To be able to use all functions of these goggles, anywhere and at any time, the kit has a router with a dual SIM card slot for a stable internet connection. At present, the Hololens is used by WEgrid Solutions, primarily in the service department, or for product presentations.
Also suitable for training
Anyone wearing these goggles is able to use a virtual meeting room via Remote Assist where support can be obtained from experts drawn from various specialist fields. For this, the field of view is divided, enabling all parties to view the subject under review and to devise a solution. Furthermore, experts are able to highlight areas in the field of view of the user or to display data on screen, e.g. documents and drawings. This also makes the Smart Service Kit suitable for product training courses as well as for internal or external audits.
Smart Service Kit reduces costs
These goggles enable working time to be used more effectively because no travel is needed, and the personnel involved can turn their attention to other things immediately afterwards. The service is therefore an economically viable solution, especially during these times of COVID-19. The Smart Service Kit can also be used for future projects. Today, there are already applications that facilitate the creation of a virtual set of work instructions. With this, users can be guided through their tasks, step-by-step, with instructions, holograms and other information.
Further information on our products can be found on the WIKA website. If you have any questions, your contact will gladly help you.

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